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Adaptation at home

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The puppy’s first day at home is the moment from which he becomes a member of your family. Of course, your pet requires care and a part of living space. After all, staying at home for a puppy is new experience of separation from mom, brothers and sisters, new smells, environment, people, other animals, sounds, unexplored space.

How well you can meet your puppy at home and create the necessary conditions for his quick and easy adaptation depends on his mood, behavior and addiction process. The adjustment period usually occurs within the first few days.

As excited as you are, you’ll make the puppy’s transition easier if you start slowly.

Step 1. What should you do firstly

Introduce family members one at a time, if possible, and give your new pet time to explore his surroundings. Show him his sleeping spot, outdoor potty place, crate, and water and food bowls. Most fun of all, introduce him to his toys. During these first few days and weeks, keep an eye on your puppy at all times and make sure that he’s supervised or, at the very least, in view. Give him a break from moving, get used to new environment and smells, let the pet understand that it is safe, and nothing threatens him.

Step 2. First meal

In the first days, we recommend continuing to feed him the usual feed no more than 2 weeks.
And then you can select food if necessary, in accordance with the age and size of the puppy.

Step 3. First impression

The first night experience for the pet is the most difficult. The puppy can whine and bark because it is difficult for him to quickly adapt without his mother and brothers.

Warm friendship between puppy and owners is established from the first days and lasts a lifetime. Taking a puppy is the easiest thing. But to raise a healthy, happy dog is daily work, which in no case should be postponed for the future.

Dogs have amazing memory, and the first impression of their new "leader" is imprinted in your pet’s mind for life. The first impression can be made only once. From the first days, your pet must understand that nothing threatens him with you, and you can always protect him. Talk to him, show him various items: introduce him to the place of his toilet, bowls for food and water and, show where his toys are, play with him.