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How to prepare for a New Puppy

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Before bringing a puppy into your home, it is very important to know a number of certain things about the breed, care, and maintenance of a dog. It’s up to you to prepare as well as you can make the transition as easy as possible, for you and the puppy.

1. Preparing your home

It is necessary to remove all small objects, wires, household chemicals, medicines, toxic houseplants, floor carpets and shoes from the area accessible to the puppy.

2. Private territory

By the time your furry friend arrives, you need to decide on a place where he will sleep, eat and go to the toilet, and you should try to make sure that the puppy can perform all these actions not far from each other. Organize a small space for a new family member so that it feels protected. Here you can place a bed, puppy mat, food and water bowls and toys!

3. Collar and leash

Your puppy will love to go for walks outdoors and you will need to be in control. Of course, your puppy can go off-leash in a safe area, such as an enclosed backyard. A leash is also needed when training your dog to obey basic commands. For walks, you will need to purchase a collar or harness and a leash.

The defining qualities of the leash are durability and comfort in managing the dog. The main requirements for it — it should be 3−5 meters long and light.

4. Grooming and hygiene supplies

Dog shampoo and conditioner, cotton balls or gauze for ear cleaning, nail clippers, and dog toothpaste and toothbrush are also items to add to your shopping cart.

Choose a shampoo for puppies as it is more gentle on puppy hair. You can bathe your dog approximately 2 times a month in winter and 1 time in 1−2 weeks in summer. Dogs need to be brushed every 2−3 days to keep his coat clean and free of mats.

As for combs, it is better to get a comb with steel teeth, and when the baby is 4−5 months old, you can use a soft brush for a glamorous look.

We prepare a complete list of items for a puppy individually.

5. Toys

Your new puppy will be curious and active, and toys are an excellent outlet. Hard rubber toys, rope toys, balls and flavored synthetic bones are particularly good for unsupervised play. Soft-stuffed toys and tennis balls are fine, as long as you keep an eye on your puppy. Buy toys which are the right size for your puppy.

6. Love is key

Finally, remember to temper your expectations. Life with you is new experience for your new companion, so give it time to adjust. The first months of living with you should be key to building love for each other.

We believe that you will become friends and give it the best life to your new family member.